ZAbroad is a documentary style travel show that aspires to connect the wide spectrum of South Africans abroad with their families, friends and fellow South Africans. More than anything, ZAbroad wants to remind our community of that elusive "something" South Africans have.

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children.
One of these is roots, the other, wings.

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


                   Korea House (Seoul)

south korea

From braai to K-Pop, classical music on the river to hip-hop in the late night hours, the best of South African wines and a cold Savannah with biltong and kimchi, the talents in Seoul share their Korean lives with us. We talk to Louis, Roddy, Chris and Rene from Braai Republic, the two most authentic and proudly South African restaurants in Seoul.  Filmmaker Raoul and wife Lucy takes us out for Korea's version of braai, sam gyup sal and we talk about the creative freedom artists enjoy in the ROK.  Tobias shares his ingenious concept of wine on tap and what is probably Seoul's first and only bottle store, South African style.  Chantal and puppy Samsung takes us for a walk around the neighborhood and we finally meet up with homegrown hip-hop talent Blessing Majola and The Part Time Cooks for some studio time as we see the new album unfold.  From there we travel south to Busan and Jeju island.  Street food, raw eel, the Asian Machu Picchu, mysterious roads, oranges and a sex park is on the menu.   

                The Big Buddha (Phuket)


Thailand is very much Thailand. Listen to Tim Rice's One Night in Bangkok and chances are your wildest interpretation and imaginings are probably true - if only in the infamous "walking streets" of Thailand.  But that is one side of the coin. Thailand is also everything (and more!) you see in the travel brochures. Beaches, mountains, elephants, cocktails and sunsets. Paradise has several names in Thailand.  Talent Louis takes us on a joyride around Phuket island where we discover that the island is so much more than parties and Patong.  Paul, Nadia and Tieka talks to us over a lekker braai about embracing life in the land of smiles and what they miss from home. Over posh cocktails at the Sky Bar, Mandi and Krige Venter share their first impressions of life in Bangkok.  Sally, Matt and Dan show us the hidden gems of the city where tranquility and the bustling downtown area of Bangkok is a tuk-tuk ride apart.  We explore the city on water taxis with the locals, tuk-tuks and the sky train.  Traffic, temples, floating markets and street food is all in a day's work in Bangkok.   


Malaysia is the beginning of our adventure and East West/Oos Wes came to life here in 2013.  Living in Borneo was by far the most unique and strangest experience of our lives.  The balcony of our traditional wooden kampung house on stilts was the birthplace of East West.  What if we make a video of our life here? Nobody'd believe what we told them, so why not film it.  So, in June of 2013 we flew to West Malaysia to meet with sisters Elna and Ima, mom Kaz and young Dean and Durban girl Anusha in Kuala Lumpur. They were our very first talents and how talented they were! In September, we met Jana by chance while diving in the breathtaking Perhentian islands.  These four ladies' unwavering support, patience and understanding with us was astounding.  They have waited longer than three years while we made this dream a reality.  In a real sense this show is dedicated to them - the first people to believe in these two amateurs with a camera and not much else. 

From Poo-ket to Krung Thep  


Begin the Beguine - the start of East West


It brings back the sound of music so tender
It brings back a night of tropical splendor
It brings back a memory ever green
I'm with you once more under the stars - COLE PORTER